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Web design, SEO and social media marketing in Des Moines, Iowa.
What we do…
We offer affordable web design, SEO, social media and digital marketing to clients in Des Moines, Iowa.

Chris teaches workshops about digital media strategy throughout the year at Drake University in Des Moines.


Hire Chris to speak to your organization about digital media or have him create a custom workshop for your company.

Our Clients
We help a variety of companies solve their digital marketing needs.

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5 social networks that may replace Twitter

Worried about the future of Twitter? Or maybe just tired of the drama? Here are five social networks trying to replace it. Whether or not Twitter makes it through its current turmoil remains to be seen. But some social networks are seeing a spike in attention because...

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NFL teams on TikTok

The NFL has seemingly embraced the fast-growing social media app TikTok as it tries to grow its brand both in the U.S. and in other markets. Update: This list was last updated Sept. 6, 2022, in advance of the 2022 NFL season. As of Oct. 23, 2019, I was able to find 27...

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Virtual TikTok & Reels Workshop Aug. 23

TikTok has changed social media. It's no longer about who can build the biggest following, but rather who can create the best content on a consistent basis. And many social media managers aren't yet comfortable creating content in this format. This TikTok and Reels...

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