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Web design, SEO and social media marketing in Des Moines, Iowa.
What we do…
We offer affordable web design, SEO, social media and digital marketing to clients in Des Moines, Iowa.
Chris teaches workshops throughout the year for the Meredith Center for Magazine Studies at Drake University.
Hire Chris to speak to your organization about social media, smartphone video, digital marketing and more.
Our Clients
We help a variety of companies solve their digital marketing needs.

Latest blog posts

Des Moines Video Workshop – Oct. 15, 2019

Ready to learn how to make compelling videos using the camera you always have with you? Des Moines Video Workshop will teach you the basics of shooting quality video as well as how to edit that video with your smartphone. Attendees will work in teams to shoot and edit...

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How to keep up with social media news

The world of social media is constantly changing. Keeping up with those changes can feel like a full-time job. I should know: I write a weekly email newsletter where I try my best to keep readers up-to-date on the changes. Below are my go-to sources for keeping up on...

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College students and Instagram

Today marks the start of a new semester at Drake University, so I thought I would check in with my Digital Media Strategies class about how they are using Instagram and how they feel about some social networks in general. This is a follow-up to the social media survey...

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