Need some online inspiration? Just take a stroll through some other web sites and learn from what others are doing. With that in mind, here are five ideas that could benefit almost any news web site out there:

The live module. Nothing complicated here. Just a continuous stream of reader comments as they come into the site. Another great way to get people into the conversation.

NewsOK’s live page. A one-stop shop for current live videos and chats. All in one place, so I always know where to look.

The Miami Herald’s news grid. A clever (and straightforward) way to show the top news in several categories at a glance.

The Austin American-Statesman’s Twitter page. Sure, this promotes the Statesman’s many Twitter accounts, but the best part is that it promotes local Twitter users worth following.

The Des Moines Register’s business blog aggregator. Instead of trying to get the best local business bloggers to post using your blog tools, simply add links to their latest blogs and make them a part of your local blogger network.