Not seeing the kind of following you’d like on your Facebook fan page? Here are some tips to gain new followers and better engage the ones you already have.

1. Supersize your profile photo

Facebook allows you to have a 200×600 pixel profile photo. Most fan pages simply post a square photo, missing out on prime promotional real estate.

Here are examples from Social Media Examiner and Oreo.

2. Make your own tabs

Facebook fan pages give you some tabs by default (info, photos, discussion, etc.), but those aren’t necessarily the best topics to represent your brand.

Lucky for you, the Static FBML app lets you create custom tabs with custom info. Here’s a tutorial to help you create your own custom tab.

And here’s a custom tab example from Coke:

3. Reward your fans

I’m sure you are a very likable brand. But why not make it worth readers’ while to like you.

1-800-flowers gives fans a discount code just for liking their page. Here’s what you see before you like them:

And here’s what you see once you press like:

To learn how to show different content depending on whether people like you or not, read this tutorial.

4. Keep readers on your page

Sure, you want Facebook to drive traffic back to your website. And you should definitely use links back to your site to make that happen.

But you should also give readers content and value without making them leave Facebook.

Toy Story 3 let fans buy tickets without leaving Facebook:

Jones Soda lets you view fan photos, vote in a weekly poll and watch video without leaving Facebook:

5. Engage with your readers

Look for opportunities to respond to readers’ comments on your updates. This will show readers that you are paying attention to what they have to say, and that you are fully engaged. And they will be more likely to comment again in the future.

See how Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch engages with readers on his Bird Land page:

6. Promote your Facebook page elsewhere

You’ll get plenty of fans from the social nature of Facebook. But your core readers want to know you are on Facebook, too.

Make sure you are promoting your Facebook page from your web site. In searching for newspaper Facebook pages, I found very few instances where sites were actively promoting their Facebook fan page on their newspaper web site.

Put a Facebook Like Box on your site, preferably on your home page.

7. Have a plan

Too many people launch a page with no idea how they are going to make it a success. Make sure you have a plan for what content you will post, how often you will post and who will post to your page.

I find it helps to set goals for how many fans you want to have one month from now, six months from now and one year from now. That way you can judge how well you are doing toward your goal.

Also, track how many fans your competitors have on Facebook. If they have a sudden increase in fans, you’ll want to figure out why.