I’m building a presentation about managing Facebook pages, so I thought I would share some great resources I have found during my research process.

1. 10 Facts About Consumer Behavior on Facebook – This research by Constant Contact includes the top 5 reasons a user likes a brand on Facebook.

2. 8 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Social Media Reach – Hubspot’s suggestions include interacting with followers and creating a custom welcome page.

3. 5 Reasons People Share News & How You Can Get Them to Share Yours – Poynter tells us about what motivates people to share content on social networks.

4. Navigating The News Online – Pew Research Center finds that Facebook has become a critical player in news.

5. Social Media Quickstarter has this complete guide to Facebook pages.

6. Socialfresh created an online “book” from the best online Facebook resources.

7. Facebook’s guide to Facebook page insights is a PDF that explains all of the analytics available on your Facebook page, including the new “friends of fans” and “people talking about this” numbers.

8. Resources on the Official Facebook Pages page includes tools for advertising on Facebook, building your business and best practices for marketing on Facebook.

9. The Facebook + Public Figures page includes guides for celebrities, musicians, journalists, politicians and non-profits.

10. You tell me! What resources have I missed? Please share links in the comments area below.