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25+ best WordPress themes for newspapers and magazines

By Chris Snider  |  Posted December 21, 2011

NEW POST 12/12/2012: Responsive themes for magazines and newspapers.

NEW POST 8/19/2014: Best newspaper and magazine WordPress themes for 2014.

WordPress is a great tool for quickly and easily launching a professional-looking website with little or no knowledge of writing code. There are thousands of themes and plugins to customize the look and performance of your site.

This makes it perfect for college and high school newspapers looking to dive head first into creating or redesigning a website. Or for community newspapers that want to finally go digital.

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With that in mind, here are some of my favorite WordPress themes for newspapers or magazines. (Unsure about how WordPress works? Check out this beginner’s guide.)


Telegraph Demo

Cadabra Press

CadabraPress Theme

Daily Headlines

Daily Headlines Theme


Tribune Demo


Newsley Theme

Yamidoo PRO Magazine

Yamidoo PRO Magazine Theme

Yamidoo Magazine

Yamidoo Magazine Theme

Newstock – Premium Magazine

Newstock magazine theme

MagNews – WordPress Magazine Theme

MagNews – WordPress Magazine Theme

Exciter Magazine WordPress Theme

Exciter Magazine WordPress Theme


WP-Ellie Premium WordPress Theme

WP MediaMag

WP-MediaMag Demo Site


eNews WordPress theme


PureType WordPress theme

Global Press

Global Press WordPress Theme


Deadline WordPress Theme


Newscast 4 in 1 – WordPress Magazine and Blog


Avenue – A WordPress Magazine Theme

London Live

London Live 3 In 1 – News, Magazine And Blog


Periodic – A Premium WordPress Magazine Theme


Repro – Premium WordPress News / Magazine Theme


Boulevard – A WordPress Magazine Theme


Duplex – Magazine / Community / Blog Theme


YEN – Magazine, News and Blog WordPress Template


Broadcast – News/Magazine WordPress Theme


StudioPress News Theme


StudioPress Magazine Theme

Massive Press

Massive Press WordPress theme

WordPress Newspaper

WordPress Newspaper theme demo

Advanced Newspaper

Advanced Newspaper theme demo

Newspro Magazine

Newspro theme demo


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  2. kar - October 19, 2012 8:30 pm

    its great listing, if i would have found this page, earlier, i would have saved 2days of my time….

    do you have any idea, a NEws paper theme, which has has option for listing the Authors, columnists with their name and photos on the theme itself like the city desk by gabfire.

    other than gabfire citydesk, which theme has it

  3. Wedding Photography Wordpress Themes - December 15, 2012 11:17 pm

    Nice collections, thanks for sharing

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