newspapers-on-facebookIt’s been more than a year since I last looked at how the top 100 newspapers in the U.S. (based on print circulation) were doing gaining likes on Facebook (my list actually includes the top 100 newspapers by circulation and some newspapers that asked to be on the list).

So I took a little time yesterday to see what had changed in the past 15 months. At that time, the average page had 29,047 likes. Now, the average page has 55,501 likes. If we throw out the New York Times and it’s million+ likes, the average jumped from 15,836 to 34,178.

Some more highlights…

  • The New York Times now has more than 2.5 million likes, an increase of nearly a million in the past 15 months. By contrast, the Times’s average daily print circulation is 717,513.
  • The Raleigh News & Observer showed a huge drop in likes, but only because it gave up a page with 4,650 likes to start a new one with less than 900 likes.
  • The Honolulu Star-Advertiser continues to be a dominant force on Facebook with 121,000+ likes. The paper ranks No. 7 on the list, despite not being in the top 100 newspapers by circulation.

Here are some charts showing the numbers (See the full list of top newspapers on Facebook)…

Top 20 Newspapers on Facebook

Percentage growth and # growth are from Sept. 2011 to Dec. 2012.

Newspaper  Fans Dec. 2012    % growth    # growth  
New York Times2,550,34262.0%975,631
Wall Street Journal632,09081.1%283,010
Washington Post481,055130.6%272,463
Los Angeles Times376,631236.5%264,700
USA Today308,002334.1%237,057
Denver Post193,514124.0%107,135
Honolulu Star-Advertiser121,272290.6%90,223
Boston Globe76,12541.8%22,437
New York Post65,141125.5%36,253
Chicago Tribune57,20050.1%19,084
St. Louis Post-Dispatch46,564131.1%26,411
Arizona Republic44,06831.5%10,568
Miami Herald40,29482.5%18,210
Atlanta Journal-Constitution39,145109.6%20,465
Palm Beach Post37,04465.1%14,613
El Paso Times35,87620.3%6,044
San Jose Mercury News34,54199.1%17,189
La Opinión (Los Angeles)34,4891489.4%32,319
Daily News33,36992.6%16,040


Sites with the largest growth (by percentage of Likes)

Newspaper  Fans 9/11    Fans 12/13/12    % growth    # growth  
La Opinión (Los Angeles)2,17034,4891489.4%32,319
Arizona Daily Star2,06811,183440.8%9,115
USA Today70,945308,002334.1%237,057
Buffalo News3,45014,083308.2%10,633
Lexington Herald-Leader6,96228,170304.6%21,208
Honolulu Star-Advertiser31,049121,272290.6%90,223
Cincinnati Enquirer4,13315,550276.2%11,417
Gazette (Colorado Springs)3,15911,143252.7%7,984
Los Angeles Times111,931376,631236.5%264,700
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester)2,7068,344208.4%5,638


Sites with the largest growth (by number of Likes)

  Newspaper    Fans 9/11    Fans 12/13/12    % growth    # growth  
New York Times1,574,7112,550,34262.0%975,631
Wall Street Journal349,080632,09081.1%283,010
Washington Post208,592481,055130.6%272,463
Los Angeles Times111,931376,631236.5%264,700
USA Today70,945308,002334.1%237,057
Denver Post86,379193,514124.0%107,135
Honolulu Star-Advertiser31,049121,272290.6%90,223
New York Post28,88865,141125.5%36,253
La Opinión (Los Angeles)2,17034,4891489.4%32,319
St. Louis Post-Dispatch20,15346,564131.1%26,411