I’m cheap frugal.

I don’t like to pay for social media tools if I can find one for free. But there is one social media tool I’ve decided to shell out $8/month to use: Crowdbooster.

Crowdbooster tells me – at a glance – which of my Tweets and Facebook page posts are getting engagement and which are not. Here’s a screengrab from the Crowdbooster dashboard:


The higher the circle, the farther the post has reached. The farther to the right the most people who are talking about it. The bigger the circle, the more engaged users. Very useful stuff.

Here’s a screengrab from a Twitter account:


This time, it’s looking at impressions, retweets and replies.

I also love Crowdbooster’s recomending when I should tweet, suggesting people I should engage with and reminding me when I forget to respond to someone.

And the weekly email gives me a quick snapshot of how I’m doing overall:


Are there social media tools that you’re willing to pay for?