quipI’m a five-device kind of guy. I need (OK, maybe want) to be able to access content whether I’m on my laptop, phone, tablet or one of the two classroom desktop computers I use.

And my favorite solution for this is Quip. Quip is a word processing tool that lets me access my files either from an app or from quip.com. It’s extremely straightforward and simple to use. And it’s free.

The Next Web even named it a startup to watch in 2014. It was in the App Store’s list of best apps of 2013.

It’s also a great tool for collaborating on documents. You can see everyone’s edits in real time. And each document has it’s own message thread.

You can create entire folders to share with others. You can create shared lists to help manage projects (or trips to the grocery store).

I’m excited to see what features they offer next.

Here are more things I love.