If you are looking for an affordable, reliable hosting service, then I highly recommend Reclaim Hosting. And now you can save 20 percent on your first year of hosting by using the Reclaim Hosting promotional code “sniderclass.”

reclaim hosting promotional code

I’ve been teaching web design class at Drake University for the past seven years, and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of students sign up for domain names and web hosting.

Reclaim is actually the third hosting service that I have recommended to my students. But my students often already have their own hosting, so I’m familiar with most of the affordable options out there.

I’ve run into two problems over the years:

  • Cheap hosts put too many websites on one server and the sites become incredibly slow
  • Hosting is cheap the first year, but the price skyrockets the second year and students don’t keep their sites.

Fortunately, Reclaim Hosting solves both of these problems. Students (and anyone) can get a domain name and hosting for as little as $30/year. And in three years of using the service, we’ve never run into any problems with sites being slow.

It’s also worth noting that the customer service you receive from Reclaim Hosting is exceptional. They’re very responsive and helpful. And we’ve used their service of moving sites from another host to their service many times.

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Here’s a look at their current prices:

$30/year – Free domain name and 2GB of storage

$50/year – Free domain name and 10GB of storage

$100/year – Free domain name and 100GB of storage

And don’t forget your can save 20 percent off your first year of service by using the Reclaim Hosting promotional code “sniderclass” when you check out. If you’re choosing the cheapest option, you’ll only pay $24 for the first year.

If you’re looking for website hosting for your personal site or for a classroom or students, I highly recommend Reclaim Hosting.