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Smartphone video hardware

A tripod: I’ve had good luck with the cheap tripods on Amazon. But this is the one I personally use.

A tripod adapter: These $35 Shoulderpods have held up for more than a year of student use.

I’ve also had success with this $6 option. I thought it would eventually break, but a year later it’s still going strong.

A lavalier microphone: The best option here is the Rode Smartlav at $79.

I’ve also had luck with these $20 lavalier mics (they are a bit loud, so you need to edit the audio).

A stick microphone: I’m a big fan of the Rode Reporter mic and the i-XLR to connect it to your smartphone.

I also use the iRig Pre, an XLR cable and a microphone.

Gimbal: The Osmo Mobile is one of the most-used products I’ve ever owned.

Light: I buy these inexpensive led lights. I also use this lighting kit all the time.

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Recommended Android video apps