Digital marketing toolbox

Tools to step up your digital marketing game.

GIF tools

EZGIF – Online GIF maker and image editor

Drop to GIF – video to GIF


Complete guide to building your personal brand

How to use Slideshare for business

Apps to help you create great visual content

Data Visualization

Silk – publish your data online beautifully



PowToon – free animated videos

How to make video work for your brand 8/28/14


Secrets to a killer blog post (infographic)

Pet peeves about corporate blogs

General social media

Pablo – design engaging images for your posts quickly (text on photos)

14 social media marketing tools recommended by the pros (9/16/14)

How to write headlines that get shared.

Free image sources

Four tools to create visual content (slides, videos, images)

29 social media tools recommended by the pros


9 Snapchat tips and tricks

How 12 brands use Snapchat


Twitshot – adds images to your Tweets – 1/5/15

Science of Twitter 2013

59 free Twitter tools for marketers

Twitter tools for marketers – 10/7/14

Click to Tweet

Guide to Twitter analytics 7/28/14


How to find local fans on Facebook

How to get more likes, comments, shares on Facebook


Analytics for Instagram

Statshot – analytics for Instagram, sent to your email

PicStats – analytics for your Instagram account

Instapult – schedule posts, login to multiple accounts at once (paid)

Latergramme – schedule Instagram posts (web or mobile)

9 hot mobile apps for Instagram (10/2014)

For fun

18 addictive font games

GIF apps. Lots of GIF apps. Camoji is a favorite.

iPhone photography

Manual – app that lets you control shutter speed, aperture and ISO on iPhone (requires iOS8)

Slow shutter cam


Average Camera Pro

Cortex Camera – low light photos

New social networks

Swig – Instagram for drinkers

Roll – share photos in your camera roll by swiping up or down

Healthy Selfie – Helps you get in shape by posting photos that show some skin.

oneminute – Receive a notification and you’ve got 60 seconds to anonymously share a photo with the whole world.

Line – Allows free messages, calls and video calls (huge in Japan, growing in the U.S.)

Expire – lets you set an expiration date for your Facebook and Twitter posts

Red/Green – tell your friends if you’re ready to hang out or not

Super – create and share short thoughts or opinions overlaid onto photos (added 11/17/14)

Derp – play sounds on your friends’ phones (added 11/17/14)

Rooms – chat rooms organized by topic (added 10/26/14)

Lo – ask your friends where they are.

Waffle – picture chat with friends.

WiGo – shows college students where their friends are going out