One could argue that I spend a little too much time playing on my phone. But I would hate to miss a new app that could be added to my digital marketing arsenal.

Here are six apps I’ve recently downloaded and learned to ❤️. They range from a news app with a messaging interface to an audio social networking app to an app that makes live face filters.


They say that GIFs are the new emojis. And who am I to argue with “they.” The GIPHY app lets you quickly search and download (or copy) GIFS so you can easily add them to your Twitter or Facebook posts (hint: download them for Twitter; copy the link for Facebook).


Download GIPHY for iOS or Android.

BONUS: The GIPHY website lets you turn your videos into GIFs. Download GIPHY Cam to do that from your phone.

2. Ditty

Ditty lets you type in words, then it autotune sings them to music. You can even have it automatically add GIFs (from GIPHY!!) or record your own videos for the background.

Then download the finished video to share on social media or just to text message to your friends.

Why would you ever text message again when you can do something like this?

Download Ditty for iOS and Android.

3. Anchor

Anchor bills itself as “radio by the people.” And that’s what it is. It’s a super simple podcasting social network. Just put the phone up to your ear to record your thoughts. Then let others respond via audio as well.

Here’s an example:

Download Anchor for iOS.

4. Adobe Voice

Adobe is all-in on mobile apps. Seriously, they have some great ones. And one of my favorites is Adobe Voice.

Voice lets you make animated videos that include clip art, text and photos. The idea is that you can also add your voiceover to each one, but personally I like this app with just video and no voice.

Here’s one I made to share on Facebook:

Lower your energy bill

Trying to lower that energy bill as we await the arrival of spring. Here are some suggestions.

Posted by Kohles & Bach Heating and Cooling on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Download Adobe Voice for iOS.

5. Quartz

Messaging apps are hot in 2016, and so is artificial intelligence in messaging apps (see Telegram’s bot program).

Quartz delivers you news, but in an interface that looks like you are messaging with a friend (a very nerdy friend who only likes to read the news and deliver you an occasional MINI Cooper ad).


Download Quartz for iOS.


If you love Snapchat’s live filters, then you are going to love this app.

MSQRD lets you create photos and videos with different masks or filters over someone’s face.

Here’s a video of my kids and me testing it out.

This weekend's Snider Kids video fun.

Posted by Chris Snider on Monday, February 15, 2016

Download MSQRD for iOS (coming soon for Android).


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