Camkix tabletop tripodI recently put together a list of recommended accessories for shooting video from your smartphone. This process has renewed my interest in finding the very best tools to turn your Android or iPhone into a high-end camera.

Which means I’ve been buying some new toys. Fun!

This week, I bought this $13 three-in-one tabletop tripod from Camkix. I plan to use it along with a selfie stick to shoot 360 videos, but I realize it’s a great option for smartphone video as well (there’s a version that comes with a telescopic pole, too, in case you don’t already have a selfie stick to use).

It reminds me of this Manfrotto tripod that sells for $25 and doesn’t come with smartphone or GoPro holders.

Honestly, I really like this tripod, partially because it comes with a couple accessories that I’ll get a lot of use out of. I plan to use it to shoot some videos this summer and hopefully do some Facebook Live video.

Video review of the Camkix tabletop tripod:

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