Facebook is all-in on live videos. The social network is paying more than 100 celebrities and media organizations millions of dollars to use its live video platform.

Here’s an example from The New York Times, which is reportedly being paid $3 million to broadcast live video to Facebook.

And using Facebook live video is as easy as pressing a couple buttons and pointing your phone at what you want to record.

Unfortunately, pressing a couple buttons and pointing your phone will very likely result in shaky video that isn’t very compelling to watch.

But for a very small investment, you can take your Facebook live videos to the next level. Here’s how to up your Facebook live video game for as little as $25.

facebook live videos accessories

How to improve your Facebook live videos

Problem: Shaky video.

Handheld video is hard to watch (remember The Blair Witch Project?).


Solution: You need a tripod and a tripod adaptor. The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod is a great option at less than $25, and it’s made to last. If you need a larger tripod, I’ve had good luck with the Amazon Basics tripods, including this one for less than $25.

Attach your smartphone to your tripod with this $6 adapter.

Better yet, buy this CamKix Premium 3in1 Tripod Base which comes with a tabletop tripod (good, but not as good as the Manfrotto) and a smartphone adapter in one for only $11.

Problem: Too much zoom.

You’re likely to use your front camera for shooting live video, and it doesn’t give you a very wide field or view. And good luck getting two (or more) people in the shot without getting too far away from the microphone.


Solution: The MACTREM Clip-On Universal Camera Lens Kit is a great solution. It includes a .45 wide angle lens, so it doubles the viewable area of your shot for only $14.

Problem: Bad audio.

Sometimes the audio from your built-in iPhone microphone just doesn’t cut it.


Solution: External mic. There are several options when it comes to external mics. If you have one person talking, use this $20 Eaton Productions Lavalier Clip-on Microphone.

Step up to the Rode VideoMic Me for $60 if you want a shotgun microphone, or if you need to reduce wind noise outside.


For more information on making great video from your phone, view my post on the best smartphone video accessories.