Facebook live video polls are a great way to get some engagement on your Facebook pages. And live video is the hottest thing going in social media right now.

So this is the ideal time to jump on the live video poll bandwagon and start adding these polls to your website.

Yes, Facebook has said that it does not consider these polls to be high quality content, but based on some testing last week they still get shown to a good percentage of the people who like your page.

Create live video polls on Facebook

There are complicated ways to make these live video polls on Facebook (even the simple ways aren’t easy), but fortunately there is also a super simple way – an app called Livetools.

Livetools lets you create either a 2-reaction or a 4-reaction live poll using either an image or a video file. Here’s an example of a live video poll created using Livetools.

You get two free credits to try it out, and you can buy credits after that. Here are the current prices:

  • 5 credits – $9
  • 15 credits – $19
  • 50 credits – $49

The app lets you schedule posts for a future date. You also can schedule them for as long as 180 minutes, although using your free credits you can only schedule them for up to 60 minutes.

Here’s a look at the interface for Livetools:

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