Yes, you can change the color of your text on Snapchat.

A huge thank you to Drake University student Alli Kuhlmann for originally helping me figure this one out. I’d been doing things out of order, and the text color just wasn’t changing.

This was updated in May 2017 to reflect the recent changes in Snapchat’s design. It’s actually pretty easy to do now.

Here’s how to change the color of text on Snapchat…

1. Take a photo or video. I chose this plant (which I have kept alive in my office for years; yay me!)

2. Click anywhere on the screen to start adding some text. OR click the T at the top of the screen.

3. Type in your text, but don’t hit done (this is the part I was doing wrong all along). A color slider will appear below the “T” icon in the upper-left of the screen. Simply slide that dot up and down to change the color of text. You see that you now can change the color of text even if it’s in the black bar (that didn’t used to be the case).

4. Pick a color. Any color. I suggest green. The click on the T icon again to change to the bigger text option. Once you are done, you can move it around.

5. Click done. You’re now free to move your purple text around, resize it and put it at a cool angle like I did here.

6. Share that amazing plant photo with the green text! Your friends will be excited to see it.


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