Last week, Facebook introduced Reactions, which gives users five more options beyond liking your page.


Reactions include like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. But what does that mean for your Facebook page, and how can you see what reactions people are having to your posts?

Watch this video or view the content below to find out.

How to see Facebook Reactions Insights

When you go to any post on your page, you’ll see the three most common reactions to your page represented visually at the bottom of your post (you can see this on any post, not just your own).

Facebook Reactions Insights

Hover over each reaction icon to see names of people who had that reaction.


To see all of your reactions, you need to click on the names that appear to the right of those reactions.


You’ll get a pop-up window that lets you scroll through all of the reactions and see the names of people who had that reaction.


So far, everything we’ve seen here is public. So you can see all of that info on any page’s posts or on any person’s post who you are friends with.

Now we’ll take a look at what is shown in Facebook Insights. The below screenshot is from when I go into Insights and click on post details for an individual post.

You can see that Facebook shows you how many people had each reaction. It also shows you if reactions were made on shares.


There’s no way currently to see your total reactions over a period of time, such as how many likes vs. loves vs. wows did you get this week. But maybe that will be coming. Of course, Facebook never showed us this info for likes, so I wouldn’t count on that info coming anytime soon.


I hope this gives you a better sense of how Facebook Reactions work with Facebook Insights. If you want more posts like this, please subscribe to my weekly email newsletter on what’s new in digital and social media.