I see 2018 as a pivotal year in social media as we’re seeing major changes from both Facebook and Snapchat in terms of how they show us content.

That’s why I’m taking extra care in making sure students in my Digital Media Strategies class at Drake University understand what is happening in social and how they can succeed in this changing landscape.

So far this semester, we’ve covered these topics:

  • How big are the networks and who is using them
  • What is working on social media in 2018
  • How to break through the new Facebook algorithm
  • Alternatives to Facebook in 2018
  • How to create great content for social media
  • How algorithms work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Today in class, we’ll be applying some of this to the Drake Admissions social media accounts. I’ll challenge students to come up with ideas for great content that can be shared to attract future students to Drake University.

As a little reminder to them, I’ve created a cheat sheet of the main points we’ve discussed so far this semester.

Download the Social Media Cheat Sheet here


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