How to keep up with social media news

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Digital information | 0 comments

The world of social media is constantly changing. Keeping up with those changes can feel like a full-time job. I should know: I write a weekly email newsletter where I try my best to keep readers up-to-date on the changes.

Below are my go-to sources for keeping up on what’s new in social media.

The main source I use to keep up with what’s happening in social media and the tech world throughout the day is Techmeme. If you don’t have time to read during the day, try listening to theĀ Techmeme Ride Home podcast that gives you a good recap of the day’s top tech news.

I am also a big fan of Buffer’s podcast The Science of Social Media to keep up with social media trends and research. Buffer also has a great blog that shares tools and tips for social media success.

To learn about new products and emerging trends, I highly recommend the Product Hunt daily email newsletter. This really is the best place to be learn about new products and product updates in real time.

More social media websites

Social Media Examiner has great posts that keep you updated on trends and tools in the social media world. They don’t do a lot of breaking news on the website, but it’s still a great place for social media content.

Crunchbase gives you insight into companies, trends and acquisitions. I look mainly at the “news from around the web” section and at which companies are trending.

Social Media Today offers breaking social media news through the day every day. It’s a great resource if you only want to follow one place for social media news.

Beyond those sites, it’s a good idea to closely watch the official blogs of the big social companies:

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