Worried about the future of Twitter? Or maybe just tired of the drama?

Here are five social networks trying to replace it.

Whether or not Twitter makes it through its current turmoil remains to be seen. But some social networks are seeing a spike in attention because of this. Here are five to know – including my prediction at the end.

Hive Social is No. 4 in the app store today and recently was reported to have hit 1 million users. It’s has been around for three years, so it’s had some time to develop. Hive looks like a mix of Instagram and Twitter, and touts it chronological feed as a main feature. It also includes some music features reminiscent of OG social network MySpace.

Mastodon has seen an increase in downloads as well. Mastodon is a decentralized social network, which means there can be different rules depending on which server you join. That also means the sign-up is a little complex. Mastodon has been around for around a year.

Post.news is a new social network from the former CEO of the navigation app Waze. It’s described as “a social platform for real people, real news and civil conversations.” Post is in beta currently with 3,500 activated users and another 125,000 on the waitlist. This one is very new, so expect it to be buggy. But smart people are behind this one, and smart people are investing in this one.

Substack is a very popular subscription email newsletter platform, and it has dipped its toes into the social space by adding a chat feature. According to Substack, “Chat is a community space reimagined specifically for writers and creators — it’s like having your own private social network where you make the rules.”

But the network I expect to be the big winner here is Discord. Discord is another decentralized social network, meaning you have to join individual servers. But it has an advantage. Much of the discussion that happens on Twitter has already moved to Discord. i am in servers for fantasy football and social media news – two things I rely on Twitter for.

What are your thoughts? Any other social networks we should be watching?